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We are :

 Unmarried   or widowed women, from all countries, and all    backgrounds, called to live a consecrated lay life in celibacy, following JESUS OF NAZARETH,

Wholly secular Laywomen, that is to say, women who remain in their usual living environment, to consecrate to Christ their human tak professional, social, political taks.


As a rule, we live alone : but in communion with those among whom we live.

We meet regularly with all those who have received the same call.
These fraternal meetings are highlights in our life.




We find our place in the great family of people who want to follow Jesus in the spirit of Charles de Foucauld

We are recognized by the Church as a Catholic women's secular institute, of pontifical right, since December 8, 1999.

"The vocation proper to secular institutes is to change the world from within. A member of an institute is simply a lay person who has consecrated himself totally to Christ to more deeply immersed in his environment and  to be its leavent" Jean Paul II