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Accueil Main aspects of our lives Consecrated Lay women

A Consecrated Life Lay



 IT IS :

TO BELIEVE that we are loved  

TO LIVE our baptismal consecration

TO MAKE THE CHOISE of an individed  love 

TO COMMIT ONESELF in the world and for the world


We want to express the tenderness of God in the modern world, that He may reign across divisions of races, nations and classes, in unity with His Love


To the call of God who was the first to love us, we answer by our consecration in celibacy. Consecration that binds us to the Church, according to the statutes' of Fraternity, seizes a person in her totality :


•   Your poverty vow tells the world that it is possible lo live with this life's goods and that we can make use of what makes for a more civilized life without becoming slaves to any of it.

•    Your chastity vow tells the world that we can love with a selfless love and that we can dedicate ourselves joyously to all without being bound to anyone, caring above all for the most abandoned.

•    Your obedience vow tells the world that we can be happy, remaining completely open to God's will as manifested to us by daily life.